I do not have a general purposes email ( I actually used to have one but it got irredeemably full of spam) but I carefully crafted three main channels to get exposed to all relevant and promising opportunities.

You can find them below:

Proposals of Blog Post/Speaches

author at

Collaboration proposals

you can use my linkedin profile to get in touch with me for proposals of every kind of collaboration, either requesting to connect or sending inmail messages: linkedin profile

interesting stuff to read or watch

you can use one of my twitter profile to refer any interesting link or stuff, even considering that if it is interesting, why shouldn’t we share it to everybody?

twitter profile

comments on packages/issues

I frequently blog about software I have developed. If you have any kind of comment, request of improvement and similar stuff, the best way to submit them is to reach the online github repository of the package and post there your request.

stay updated on the blog

subscribe to the mailing list if you want to stay update on my work I will neither spam you nor give your email address to rhid parties. I will just occasionally send one or two emails per month

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