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I am a Quantitative Analyst well versed into statistical learning, data mining and data visualization disciplines. I keep this personal website as a polished portfolio and a structured notebook. You can use this website to learn about my curriculum vitae, the software I craft and my personal thoughts about technical stuffs.

I also keep an updated list of the most relevant books I have read, the ones I would suggest to a good friend, togheter with a short summary of their key messages. Just in case you don’t know which book to pick up next from your bookstack.

If you want to get in touch with me I suggest you to visit the contacts web page, since it is not exactly a straight forward process.

A final note: as I said you can take this as a notebook, expecting therefore to find in it masterpieces togheter with scraps.

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Learning Dataviz Principles and Theory from Tufte 2018/02/10

theory of data graphics maximise data-ink ratio, within reason maximise data density and the size of the data matrix, within reason treat graphics as paragraphs and shape them appropriately integrity of data graphics always show data in their context try to produce a small lie factor show data variation, not design variation use as many dimensions as the number of dimensions in your data how to apply Tufte’s principles in R I have recently completed a great reading: Edward Tufte’s The visual display of quantitative information.

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R data mining

R data mining is a data mining crime book, a new kind of book we developed with good guys at Packt and the great statistician Enrico Pegoraro. What is a data mining crime book? It is a book stucture to teach you data mining fundamentals while immersing you in a crime case. Within R data mining you will be immersed into the life of a wholesale company, where suddenly a misterious drop in profits arises.