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Benvenuto, I am an Italian quantitative analyst well versed into statistical learning, data mining and data visualization disciplines.

I am the guy behind some beloved #rstats packages like updateR for Mac, paletteR and Ramazon. You can find more about my software within the software page.

Within this website you can find:

  • Well crafted blog posts mainly about analytics and R but also about miscellaneous stuff like productivity and work-life balance
  • My book stack, I.e. book I have read and I recommend because they were relevant for my personal and professional development (and I guess it will be the same for you).

If you have heard about my R data mining book you can find more info within the box below.

Finally if you want to get in touch with me I suggest you to visit the contacts page. Cheers,

latest from the blog

a quick ride on pagedown: create PDFs from Rmarkdown 2019/01/27

Do we really need a package like pagedown? installing pagedown selecting the preferred template filling in and rendering the template finally obtaining the desired PDF file my suggestions for improvements I recently came across the good talk by the always good Yiuhi Xie at the Rstudio conference about Pagedown. You can see it by yourself reaching out the rstudio website or clicking the image below:


featured book: R Data Mining

R data mining is a data mining crime book, a new kind of book we developed with good guys at Packt and the great statistician Enrico Pegoraro. What is a data mining crime book? It is a book stuctured to teach you data mining fundamentals while immersing you in a crime case.

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