Introducing the paletteR Gallery 2019/11/26

celebrating beauty add your own masterpiece discover more about paletteR celebrating beauty PaletteR, the package that allows you to create an optimized palette from an image, has been staying around for nearly two years, and #rstats users have made a lot of great stuff with it. I had therefore took the time to collect what I have found around the web, just to celebrate this beauty. You can find them below in a slideshow.

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how to use PaletteR to automagically build palettes from pictures 2018/05/08

Introducing paletter Installing paletter Creating a palette from your image Functional specification Reading a picture into the RGB colourspace Processing the RGB image trough kmeans Moving to the hsv colours space Removing outliers Optimising palette How to apply paletteR in ggplot2 Join us I live in Italy, and more precisely in Milan, a city known for fashion and design events. During a lunch break I was visiting the Pinacoteca di Brera, a 200 centuries old museum.

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