download data to excel from web 2014/10/28

This simple tutorial will show you how to download data into an excel spreadsheet, creating a web query. Download data into excel select ”data” tab select ”from web”  input the desidered web URL click ”go” button **select **data you want to download click ”import” button Refresh downloaded data select ”data” tab select “connections” select your connection click “refresh” button

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excel functions in R 2014/10/25

I have started my ”data-journey” from Excel, getting excited by formulas like VLookup(), right() and left(). then datasets got bigger, and I discovered that little spreadsheets were not enough, and look for something bigger and stronger, eventually coming to R. But as you know, ones never forget the first love. So, for fun and for practice, I have written down some of excel functions in R. I hope you will enjoy.

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