Learning Dataviz Principles and Theory from Tufte 2018/02/10

theory of data graphics maximise data-ink ratio, within reason maximise data density and the size of the data matrix, within reason treat graphics as paragraphs and shape them appropriately integrity of data graphics always show data in their context try to produce a small lie factor show data variation, not design variation use as many dimensions as the number of dimensions in your data how to apply Tufte’s principles in R I have recently completed a great reading: Edward Tufte’s The visual display of quantitative information.

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ggplot2 themes examples 2016/08/09

this short post is exactly what it seems: a showcase of all ggplot2 themes available within the ggplot2 package. I was doing such a list for myself ( you know that feeling …“how would it look like with this theme? let’s try this one…”) and at the end I thought it could have be useful for my readers. At least this post will save you the time of trying all differents themes just to have a sense of how they look like.

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