R data mining

R data mining is a data mining crime book, a new kind of book we developed with good guys at Packt and the great statistician Enrico Pegoraro.


What is a data mining crime book? It is a book stucture to teach you data mining fundamentals while immersing you in a crime case.

Within R data mining you will be immersed into the life of a wholesale company, where suddenly a misterious drop in profits arises. You will be then caught into the analyses performed to discover where this drop comes from and why.

what you will find in it

This will teach you how to:

  • take raw data and wrangle them so to make them tidy and ready for the analyses
  • perform a wide range of descriptive analyses both graphically and not
  • apply data mining algorithm to the data, from logistic regression to random forest and support vector machine
  • perform text mining analyses
  • develop effective reports to highlight the main steps of analysis and its outcomes

And finally you will discover the culpright, which obviously is…


well, no… it is not that trivial. You will discover the culpright reading the book.

Why I think it worths your attention

Beside the innovative approach one of the core features of the book is the attention to the rationals of methods and models introduced. It is not uncommon to read stuffs about data mining whe models are just introduced and the simple function is showed without taking the time to explain to the reader which is the main idea behind the model, when and why you should use it in your analyses.

Where to find it

R Data Mining is distributed both in printed and ebook version, and you can get it trough the publisher’s website or Amazon