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Answering to Ben ( functions comparison in R)


Following the post about %in% operator, I received this tweet: https://twitter.com/benwhite21/status/510520550553165824

I gave a look to the code kindly provided by Ben and then I asked myself: I know dplyr is a really nice package,  but which snippet is faster?

to answer the question I’ve put the two snippets in two functions:

#Ben snippet dplyr_snippet =function(object,column,vector){ filter(object,object[,column] %in% vector) } #AC snippet Rbase_snippet =function(object,column,vector){ object[object[,column] %in% vector,] }

Then, thanks to the great package microbenchmark, I made a comparison between those two functions, testing the time of execution of both, for 100.000 times.

comparison = microbenchmark(Rbase_snippet(iris,5,vec),dplyr_snippet(iris,5,vec),times = 100000)

#plot the output autoplot(comparison)+ labs(title = "comparison between dplyr_snippet and Rbase_snippet", y="snippet")

And that was the result:


R Base package seems to be the winner, even if just for an handful of microseconds…

Nevertheless, I am really grateful to Ben, it was a great fun!

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