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How to Put Equations into Evernote



If you have to put some math writing into your Evernote notes, and you have a Mac device, there is a very simple way to solve your problem out.


This way is called Grapher, a built-in application for visualising math stuffs.


Here below a simple tutorial:

1. find Grapher among your applications. You can either search for it within Spotlight or using the launchpad.

1equations in evernote

2. write the equation you would like to put into your Evernote note.

2 equations in evernote

3. copy the equation as TIFF

 equations in evernote

4. paste the equation into Evernote

3 equations in evernote

And that’s it!

I think this trick is very useful when you have some “heavy” equations that would not be clear enough if it would just be written in simple text.

Sharing the post on Google + I have received the good advice to use daum equation editor, specifically aimed at writing equations.

I think the Grapher advantage is that is a built-in application, nevertheless I’m really grateful to Roberta Normano for the tip.

Other tips are welcome!

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